Oil Tank Removal COMPANY NJ

Not many homeowners realize that old oil tanks pose a safety and health threat to their family, and it`s vital to have the oil tanks removed as soon as they`re located. However, unlike some of the regular home projects, oil tank removal, regardless of size, is an overly complex procedure, requiring specialized skills and knowledge.therefore, it’s not a DIY project; and you should always seek the services of an oil tank REMOVAL COMPANY IN NJ to perform the project. Contact Oil Tank Removal NJ.

Oil Tank Sweeps NJ

Real estate transactions can be quite challenging, especially if you’re either planning to buy or sell a property. If you suspect that your premise has an old tank, you can request for an interior and exterior sweep of your property.

The sweep is a thorough inspection of your property premise, both on the interior and exterior, and aims at locating or finding clues of an oil tank. Where the traditional method of searching for the oil tank manually does not work, an OIL TANK REMOVAL COMPANY NJ can use technology such as metal detectors or ground penetrating radar (GPD) to precisely locate any buried oil tanks in your premise.

After the sweep, the oil tank removal company files a comprehensive report, with the findings and present proposal for other services if needed.

Oil Tank Removal

Once an oil tank is located, it needs to be removed. In most cases, a small excavator is used to dig up the oil tank and bring it to the surface. The tank is the cut, and all the contents are released. Finally, the contents and the oil tank debris is later transported to either a recycling or disposal facility.

Site Remediation

After a successful oil tank removal, it`s likely that a void will form in the region that hosted the oil tank. Therefore, the oil removal company is tasked with filling up the void with a certified clean fill.

Also, it’s most likely that The fill and The surrounding region get contaminated through The process. Therefore, a professional oil tank REMOVAL COMPANY NJ performs the necessary testing and removes the contaminated soil from your premise.

Clearly, it makes sense to have your oil tank removed by a professional before it becomes a problem. Taking a preemptive strike against potential safety and health hazard is the best action you can take for your family.